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Sights and ideas for your own trip to the Cayman Islands

- Regular berth: Royal Watler Cruise Terminal 

- Regular berth: North Cruise Ship Terminal 

- Regular berth: South Cruise Ship Terminal 

- Port shuttle: not available / necessary 

- Taxi: Usually available at the wharf and also on the island in large numbers. The local Taxi Cab As-sociation has fixed rates on Grand Cayman. The rides are charged according to fixed prices. Bargain-ing is usually futile. The drivers always try to occupy their vehicles with four people. 

- Buses: Central bus station near the tender docks. 

- Car rental: Europcar, at the airport 

- Car rental: Hertz, at the airport 

- Car rental: Avis, at the airport 

- Post office: 14 Edward Street, 200 meters from the tender berths 

- Tourist Info: Field offices in the terminals in the harbor are open after a ship arrives. 

- Banks: Many, located in the George Town area



- Cruise Ship Berths


The capital George Town on Grand Cayman does not have a pier for cruise ships. Therefore, the ships lie there in the roadstead. Most of the time, you will be taken ashore to the Royal Watler Terminal, North or South Terminal by tender. This should take about 5-10 minutes on average. Per route. At peak times, i.e. directly after arrival and before departure of the ships, longer waiting times are to be expected. Often the excursionists of the shipping companies have priority. The piers themselves are located right next to the city. Stores, restaurants and bars are not far away.  



- Public Buses


The island's public bus network is quite well developed. There are 9 bus lines, divided into colors and served almost exclusively by 9-seater minibuses. The official buses can be recognized by their blue license plates and round color signs with the corresponding line number. The central bus station in George Town is not far from the tender docks on Edward Street, near the Public Library. Bus stops are rare on Grand Cayman. If you want to get out, just tell the driver. If you want a ride, just wave at the side of the road. The fare is paid at the destination in US dollars or Cayman dollars (US$1 = CI$1). 

- Bus connections



- Royal Watler Terminal


Many excursions and tours can still be booked on site at the Royal Watler Terminal with the local providers. These are usually ready after the arrival of a ship. In this case you should not disembark too late. However, attention should also be paid to the number of registered cruise ships. The more guests are on Grand Cayman on one day, the less spontaneous excursions will be available. The tour providers can be found next to stores, in a special place for cruisers in the harbor area. This is about 300 meters away from the South Terminal. Who is let out there simply orients himself on the left. For example, island tours with stops at the most important sights are offered there. The cost is between 8-20 US dollars per person, depending on the scope and route. Often you can be dropped off at Seven Mile Beach on the way back. Cruiseportschedules, Cruisett, and Caymanport provide information about the arriving ships.    



Excursion offers and admission tickets from



- Seven Mile Beach


The Seven Mile Beach is a long stretch of beach located on the west coast. Upon arrival, it is already easily recognizable from the ship. Hotel complexes, palm trees, clean crystal clear water and fine white sand characterize this beach. In most places it is the typical Caribbean beach par excellence. Gouvernors Beach and Public Beach are located approximately in the middle. Both beach sections are very popular with tourists. Changing rooms and showers are available there. Generally, the whole Seven Mile Beach is quite empty in the early morning hours. The right time to escape the crowds. It takes about 10-12 minutes by cab to get to the Public Beach section. It is about 6 km away from the Royal Watler Terminal. Costs 5 US dollars per person for one way. Bargaining is usu-ally futile. Alternatively, cheaper yellow and light green line buses run for $2.50. They leave about every 15 minutes to and from the beach. 



- U.S.S. Kittiwake


May be interesting for divers. Some distance north of the berths, the shipwreck of the U.S.S. Kittiwake lies aground in shallow water not far from shore. The former 77-meter-long naval vessel was in service from 1945-1994 and was intentionally sunk there in 2011. 



- Stingray City


At a sandbank in the middle of the sea you can meet numerous stingrays. The animals there are very trusting and most of them can be touched. The sandbank makes it possible to stand comforta-bly in the water. Stingray City is very popular with tourists. Nearby is also a reef where you can snorkel very well. Some private operators offer tours to the rays. In most cases a snorkeling trip is included. With the rays you should ideally behave calmly and carefully. Smaller young animals usual-ly swim just above the seabed. So that they are not stepped on, you should move slowly and shuf-fling. Touching the tail rarely goes down well. The rays may feel threatened by this. Often the ani-mals are fed by the guides. Those who do this themselves should refrain from wiping their hands on their bathing suits. This attracts the rays. This also applies to jewelry. It is better to leave it in the safe in the cabin.



- Turtles


A turtle farm is located north of Seven Mile Beach at 786 North West Point Road. It is about 14 km away from the tender landing. Allow 20 minutes travel time by rental car or cab. Open daily from 08:00-17:00. Local entrance fee is US$6 per person. 

- Turtle Farm  



- Dolphin Discovery and Cove


Diagonally opposite the turtle farm and only a few meters away is the Dolphin Discovery dolphinarium. Here you have the opportunity to swim with dolphins in a specially constructed pool. Another area, Dolphin Cove, is located further east at 9A Garvin Road. Here the pool is natural and has direct ocean access. 

- Dolphin Discovery

- Dolphin-Cove



- Car Museum


For lovers of classic automobiles, a visit to the Cayman Motor Museum is recommended. Located not far from the Turtle Farm and Dolphin Discovery Dolphinarium at 864 North West Point Road. It is open Monday through Saturday from 08:00-15:00. Admission is $15 for adults. Children under 12 pay half price. 


- Cayman Motor Museum



- Hell`s Post Office


About 3 minutes by car (1.8 km) away from the turtle farm you can send postcards home from "Hell". Hell`s Post Office at 93 Hell Road is an official post office with its own special "Hell" post-mark. It is open daily from 08:00-17:00. So are the three adjacent souvenir stores. The rugged rocky landscape can be viewed all day and free of charge from visitor platforms. 

- Hell`s Post Office


Meine Landausflüge Grand Cayman


- Submarine Tour


If you want to try a ride on a submarine, you can book it with a local provider. It is located at 30 South Church Street, a few meters south of the South Pier. Children ages 4-12 pay $59 for the 90-minute tour. Adults (from 13 years) have to pay 99 US dollars. For online bookings, the price for adults is reduced by 5 US dollars. By the way, the shipping companies book there as well, and most-ly a 60 minute tour. 

- Cayman Islands Submarines



- Half-Submarine


A little further north of the cruise terminals, located at 93 North Church Street (Rackam`s Bar), you can take a ride on a so-called half-submarine. In fact, this is a relatively normal boat in which the underwater hull is equipped with large glass panes. So you can comfortably observe the underwater world. Catamaran tours to Stingray City to see the rays are also offered. 

- Nautilus Cayman



- Sightseeing Flight


Grand Cayman can also be explored by helicopter. From the Cruise Terminal, the provider has ar-ranged a free shuttle service. It is only a 2-minute ride to the takeoff and landing site. Flights are available from $75 per person. 

- Cayman Islands Helicopters



- National Museum


The Cayman Islands National Museum is located in a 150-year-old house in the harbor area of George Town, not far from the tender docks. It is the oldest public building on the island and is situ-ated at 3 Harbour Drive. The museum permanently presents a natural history and a cultural history exhibition on the history of the Cayman Islands. In addition, changing galleries of various artists are exhibited. 

- National Museum



- Rumpoint and Starfish


In the north of Grand Cayman is Rumpoint with its beaches. Here the typical Caribbean flair pre-vails. Colorful huts, palm trees, hammocks and the white sand invite you to relax. The southern part of the peninsula at the "boot tip" is called Water Cay. There, at Starfish Point/Beach, you can spot occasional starfish near the shore. For the protection of nature, it is requested not to touch the starfish and certainly not to lift them out of the water. 



- Botanical Garden


In the east of Grand Cayman you will find the beautifully landscaped Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Garden, which was opened in 1983. The entrance fee is 10 US dollars. Children up to the age of 12 are admitted free of charge when accompanied by their full-paying parents. By cab or rental car, you can plan on a transfer time of about 45 minutes each way. The cost is then US$50 each way. You should make an appointment with the driver to pick you up or have him wait (extra cost). At the botanical garden itself, cabs are otherwise difficult to get. The bus lines 5 (red), 8 (orange) and 9 (blue) go to Frank Sound Road, which is close to the park. From there it is another 1100 meters to the entrance. With a little luck and on request, the driver will also take this detour and let the passengers out there. 

- Botanical Garden  



- Excursion Portals and Excursion Providers 


Through the tour and excursion providers GetYourGuide, Meine Landausflüge*and Viator, you can book various excursions, activities, tours, tickets and entrance fees on Grand Cayman, which are often offered much lower priced than comparable excursions of the shipping companies. Thus, a variety of excursions can be realized on your own if you book in time.  



A small pre-selection of shipping company independent excursion offers

for, in and around George Town,

we have put together here for you.



- Cruises and Offers


If you haven´t booked a Caribbean cruise yet, but would like to get to know Grand Cayman person-ally and go on excursions on your own, you will find great offers from the major cruise providers in the German-speaking world. Aida, Costa and Tui Cruises - Mein Schiff offer with their modern cruise ships charming routes, together with further interesting destinations. Book directly with your favorite shipping company the next dream vacation at fair conditions. 



Any ocean and river cruises can also be booked conveniently and inexpensively online with the cruise specialist Kreuzfahrten-Zentrale Astoria. Thus, you have the choice from a multiplicity at daily updated offers of most diverse shipping companies. Among other things AIDA Cruises, Carni-val, Celebrity Cruises, Costa Cruises, Cunard, Holland America Line, MSC Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean and TUI Cruises are present. Also attractive are the popular special offers, with which one can travel at a particularly low price and possibly also get a great bargain.




- Post office opening hours: Monday to Friday from 08:30-15:30, Saturday from 08:30-11:30. 

- Opening hours of the tourist information: open for several hours after the arrival of a cruise ship. 

- Stores opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 09:00-17:00 

- Police / Emergency doctor: Tel. 911 

- Vaccination recommendation: Grand Cayman Tropical Institute 

- Bus schedules: Grand Cayman bus routes 

- Climate chart: Grand Cayman Climate 

- Port Occupancy: Cruise ships in George Town 

- Local currency: Cayman Island Dollar, 1 CI$ = 100 Cent. US dollars are also accepted throughout the island. 




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